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From a social entrepreneur’s desk:

Our suffering patients need more care and more human touch, our rush to create wealth is consuming humanity,we need more responsible medication and more human touch in healthcare. This has led us to pursue our journey of ‘social entrepreneurship’ in healthcare. We at Swati Spentose are the new age entrepreneurs who are committed to                                 ‘being the change we want to see’.

We are the first private Indian company to lead a dedicated initiative on a neglected disease like IC and soon on Varicose Veins, hemorrhoids & diabetic nephropathy. More than 300 patients in 64 cities through 74 doctors share a feeling of deep JOY & Satisfaction, for what our initiatives of last 5 years have achieved, at a cost of more than 5 Crore invested accords the scientific platform

We are committed to the awareness and management of this neglected disease IC. We The history of IC dates back to the 18th century: welcome doctors, patients, NGO’s, individuals and anyone who is willing and committed to making the life of suffering patients comfortable and help them live a normal life.


An action plan to soothe your bladder & body

VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3 February 1,2012

1. Avoid Irritation:
An IC bladder is often badly irritated and, for some patients, wounded (aka glomerulations or hunner’s ulcers). Ask yourself “If you poured acid, alcohol or salt on your wound every day, would it heal?” the odds are that it won’t and it could get much worse. Diet modification is your first defense!
2. Reduce Inflammation: A bandaid sits on the surface of the skin and does not get down into the reddened or sore tissues where inflammation is running rampant. Another treatment......READ MORE

Can pain help determine a diagnosis of IC?

VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3 February 1,2012

Because we don’t, yet, have the perfect test, researchers continue to look for
ways to help make a diagnosis of IC easier. The University of Maryland researchers, led
by Jack Warren MD, have a proposal. In their EPIC study of patients with IC, they
found that 97% of patients had a distinct triad of pain symptoms: (a) pain that
worsened after eating certain foods and/or (b) pain that worsened as the bladder fills
with urine and (c) pain that is relieved after the bladder is emptied. To test their history,
they also studied the national Interstitial Cystitis Database. Not surprisingly, that
database also confirmed that 97% of patients had this unique.....READ MORE

MILK-A truly IC friendly Drink

VOLUME 2, ISSUE 4 February 15,2012

Now that we know that much of the obesity in the worldtoday stems from overdrinking ofsodas, maybe one of the good partsof having IC is that one has to drinkhealthier. Take, for example, milk.Itís one of the healthiest drinks onthe planet, a great source of calcium,rich in Vitamin D and protein andyet, as adults, we often think itís toochildish or fattening to drink.Honestly, Iím not saying to drink itall day but a cup or two on occasionis both satisfying and IC friendly.....READ MORE

Breads of Life

VOLUME 2, ISSUE 4 February 15,2012

Bread, in one form or another, has been with us since the dawn of agriculture. For todayís IC patient though, a loaf of bread can either be a tasty addition to a bladder-safe diet, or it can be a painliterally. Many cultures throughout history have ground local grains into a flour and baked it. As bread baking became big business, recipe decisions were directed increasingly by financial considerations and the necessities of large scale mechanical production. Bleaches made the flour whiter. Chemical preservatives were developed and added to bread to increase its shelf life. Dough conditioners were added to make the dough easily workable on machinery. Humectants were added to make the bread hold onto more water and seem more substantial. Yeast nutrients were added to puff up a small loaf with so .....READ MORE