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MILK-A truly IC friendly Drink


           Now that we know that much of the obesity in the world today stems from overdrinking of sodas, maybe one of the good parts of having IC is that one has to drink healthier. Take, for example, milk. It’s one of the healthiest drinks on the planet, a great source of calcium, rich in Vitamin D and protein and yet, as adults, we often think it’s too childish or fattening to drink.             Honestly, I’m not saying to drink it all day but a cup or two on occasion is both satisfying and IC friendly provided you’re not lactose intolerant. Steamed milk is a perfect IC friendly treat. What’s interesting about hot milk in the morning is that it gives you that same pick me up that coffee or tea can give you and, if you drink coffee for to help kick start your bowels, hot milk does exactly the same thing.

       Don’t forget that you can also use fat free, skim and low fat milk to reduce the fat and calories yet still get a rich source of calcium. According to, all milks have roughly 300mg of Calcium per 8oz glass. But, if you’re calorie conscious, fat free milk is a great alternative at just 90 calories. 1% milk has 100 calories and 2% milk has 120 calories per 8oz glass. Regular milk is less fattening than most sport drinks and sodas.

         For those of you who are lactose intolerant, soy milk steamers and creamers are just as good. So the question is…does soy milk flare an IC bladder? Well, it doesn’t flare at all. Soy is one of those food items that is “sometimes problematic” for the tender bladders especially in its most concentrated form of soy sauce. Soy milk, on the otherhand, seems to be much less bladder provoking and might be worth trying.

Ultimately, when you consider various foods and drinks during an IC flare, you must always ask yourself “will this irritate my bladder?” Luckily, both milk and water rarely do. So, if you’re feeling poorly and desperate for something hot, soothing and refreshing, think milk! It’s bladder friendly beverage!

Courtesy : IC Optimist