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From a social entrepreneur’s desk:

Our suffering patients need more care and more human touch, our rush to create wealth is consuming humanity,we need more responsible medication and more human touch in healthcare. This has led us to pursue our journey of ‘social entrepreneurship’ in healthcare. We at Swati Spentose are the new age entrepreneurs who are committed to                                 ‘being the change we want to see’.

We are the first private Indian company to lead a dedicated initiative on a neglected disease like IC and soon on Varicose Veins, hemorrhoids & diabetic nephropathy. More than 300 patients in 64 cities through 74 doctors share a feeling of deep JOY & Satisfaction, for what our initiatives of last 5 years have achieved, at a cost of more than 5 Crore invested accords the scientific platform

We are committed to the awareness and management of this neglected disease IC. We The history of IC dates back to the 18th century: welcome doctors, patients, NGO’s, individuals and anyone who is willing and committed to making the life of suffering patients comfortable and help them live a normal life.


Diet and IC

VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1 May 1,2012

Sure, you need to stay hydrated to keep your body healthy. But drinking too much water -- or any other fluid -- could mean more trips to the bathroom if you've got urinary urge incontinence related to overactive bladder (OAB). Your healthcare provider can best advise you on what amount is appropriate for you. And drink most of those fluids during the daytime; limit your fluid intake in the evening so you don't have to get up at night to go to the bathroom.......READ MORE