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UTI found to be a Trigger for a Minority of Patients...


Researchers at the University of Maryland were interested in determining if a bladder infection (UTI) was present at the onset of IC for newly symptomatic patients. Of the 314 patients studied, evidence of a UTI was found in 18 to 36% of women thus establishing that a small proportion of patients may have had a UTI prior to the onset their bladder  symptoms.

This does NOT support those who believe that IC is bacterial in nature as the vast majority of urine cultures of IC patients are negative but it does not indicate that, for some patients, the damage which occurs after a bladder infection may, in fact remain thus contributing to IC.

Source: Warren JW et al. Urinary tract infection and inflammation at onset of interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome. Urology .2008 Jun; 71 (6):1085-90