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Living in India, we have experienced several scary earthquakes, the worst of which was at Ahmedabad ...we cannot verbalize how badly we feel for the victims who are currently fighting for their lives. They have done nothing wrong. We pray to help them recover from this horrific tragedy….Do you have a disaster kit for your home and family should you suffer a natural disaster?? More importantly, have you thought about how that could affect your IC?
Some things your IC Kit should have.

    Reading Glasses -Don’t underestimate the importance of setting aside a few old 
    pairs of glasses for family members who require them.                                    

Water Supplies -In addition to several cases of water set aside in our garage, our kit includes two water fillers so that, if needed, we can use water from local creeks or lakes.

Non-Perishable Food –Include both canned and packaged camping food and energy bars. Don’t forget can openers. Of course, we also have plentiful supply of canned foods, flour and sugar in our garage provided, of course, that we can get it.

A Way To Cook –A small propane powered grill and two extra propane bottles. Heat pots to boil water and make soup.

Clothing -Changes of clothing, extra socks and sturdy shoes.

Light Source -Flashlights and many extra batteries of all sizes.

Communications -Battery powered or wind-up radio.

Medical Supplies -An extensive medical kit with pain medication, antibiotics, OTC pain relievers, aspirins and more.

Sleeping -Thermal Blankets, sleeping bags etc.

Personal Hygiene -Soap, detergent, antibacterial gel and shampoo. Don’t forget plastic bags for sanitation and disposal.

Paper supplies –including toilet paper and paper towels.

Restroom Supplies -Feminine hygiene supplies. In a pinch, menstrual pads can be used for wound care.

Do you have any other suggestions for an IC emergency Kit?? If so, please send them to us at

Courtesy : IC Optimist