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Hunnerís Ulcers...why are they overlooked?



                            Only 5% to 10% of IC patients have Hunnerís Ulcers and, for this reason, they are often overlooked in studies and in self-help materials. In 1914, Hunner first documented the presence of ulcers on the bladder wall. They then became known as Hunnerís Ulcers and are still described as the trademark of classic IC.

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive Kidney Diseases even requires IC patients to have Hunnerís ulcers and glomerulations during cytoscopy in order to participate in studies. Most research shows the ulcers are star-shaped, but across the board many researchers and urologists aren't comfortable discussing Hunnerís Ulcers on the record saying they haven't seen enough of them.

It is very important to try to control stress because it can cause a flare in pain, burning and frequency/urgency. Avoid all alcohol, citrus foods and coffee. Sweet foods can be problematic. Foods with a large amount of potassium trigger IC flares.

Pain for ICers with Hunnerís ulcers, is certainly a reality, but treatments are available to ease the pain and make life easier. When you are in a flare have your pain medication ready and a heating pad. Never give up hope-even on your darkest day!