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Don’t be Shy about your Symptoms

There’s no doubt that men and women of older, gentle age were simply discouraged from talking about their “personal” problems but, even younger folks struggle with finding the right words to describe their symptoms. Your ability to verbalize and discuss your symptoms is essential to your health. If you find yourself struggling to describe your symptoms, consider the following words and use those that apply to you:



Location: Bladder, bowel, urethra, rectum, vulva, vagina, penis, testicles, scrotum, lower back, upper back, back, legs, hips.

Symptoms: Frequency, urgency, pressure, pain, difficulty starting urination, constipation, spasms

   What does it feel like? Burning aching, razor blades, ground glass, tightness, an electric shock sensation, something falling or dropping out of you, something being pushed inside of you, stiffness

How does it occur? Is it episodic or continuous? Does it occur every night? Every morning? Is it worse before meals or after meals? Does it happen before your menstrual period?

Are your symptoms positional? Does it occur when you’re sitting, standing or walking? Does movement make it better or worse?

Does it involve urination or defecation? If so, how? Is the pain worse before you urinate, while you are urinating or after you are done urinating? Does the pain change when you have a bowel movement?

Remember, there’s no shame in having IC or any other medical condition. Most doctors talk about urinating, bowel movements, hemorrhoids and many more embarrassing conditions every day. Don’t allow yourself to suffer!